Winter sports are not everyone’s choice. Some people don’t like the winter season at all. You can participate in several Winter sports like Skeleton, Curling, Bobsled, Nordic Combined. Also other popular sports like slopestyle snowboarding, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Alpine Skiing and Alpine Snowboarding. If you know a certain place where winter snow is suitable for sports then you should visit once. 

Now let’s see the best sports to participate in during winter –


  1. Alpine Snowboarding 


In 1998, it was introduced in the Olympics calendar. Also, it is practised on special grounds. You must need special skiing gear along with a skateboard. Participants mostly enjoy zigzag rails of snow. They can cover a particular distance at different speeds. Participants need to choose a single track so that they can’t change later. As further, they go without derailing or losing track then it is better for them. So if you are planning to participate in this sport then keep this in mind to win the game.


  1. Alpine Skiing 


In this type of sport, participants need to use skiing equipment. Such equipment helps to slide down the hills which are covered with snow. It is very important to practice it under professional guidance. This sport can be dangerous to do with yourself without proper guidance and skiing equipment. It is complicated for the beginner. But once you get a hold of it then it’s easy and an enjoyable experience for you as a participant. It requires a lot of practice as more medical assistance and aid is needed for this sport.


  1. Figure Skating 


In 1908, Figure skating was the only first winter sport to be included in the Olympics. Its participants can be individuals, duos or teams. Participants need to skate on ice. This sport consists of four categories. Like singles, pair skating, and ice dancing. The good age to start your practice is 4-6 years. Because children pick things quickly and can learn the basics of them. They can grasp the ice skating moves faster than the 2-3-year-olds.


  1. Ice Hockey 

Ice hockey winter sports

Ice Hockey is one of the most popular winter sports to play. It is played consistently in different winter games. It is played just like the general hockey game. But here skaters try to shoot pucks using sticks. Ice hockey is very popular in Canada. It is their national winter sport. It is a game between two teams. Each team consists of six players. Participants need to wear skates and other safety tools. Because of its speed and frequent physical contact it has become one of the most popular international sports.


  1. Ski Jumping 


In Ski Jumping a simple concept is applied here. Skiers first wear and handle all the safety equipment and then take off from a descending ramp. They need to jump at the end and try to fly till they can actually. Points are awarded according to the ski jumping style and distance of jump covered.

Best Winter Sports

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